It's time to have your flu jab, and we can help! We provide workplace flu vaccinations across the UK for organisations of all sizes - no project is too complex. Contact us today for more information! And at our central London practice, our drop-in Flu Clinic for children and adults is now running - just turn up, there's no need to book!


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The UK’s premier national and international workplace flu vaccination provider, with twenty years of high quality care for organizations of all sizes, from small private businesses to leading multinationals and key government departments.

  • Workplace Vaccination
    Workplace Vaccination

    Protecting your colleagues and staff from flu this winter safeguards their health, productivity and your business. That's what we do best!

  • Individual Vaccination
    Individual Vaccination

    Our Drop-in Central London Clinic offers the widest choice of flu vaccines available: Register for an alert & find out about our vaccines.

  • About Flu Vaccines
    About Flu Vaccines

    Flu Vaccination is one of the simplest and most effective ways of protecting your health, productivity and peace of mind.

  • Other Services
    Other Services

    Find out more about other vaccines, and other workplace services we can offer.


Flu Vaccination

Flu Vaccination is one of the simplest and most effective ways of protecting your health, productivity and peace of mind. Whether you are a private individual concerned about avoiding an unpleasant illness and its complications, or a company concerned about business continuity and the welfare of your staff, we have the practical experience and the specialist expertise to help you.


The Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine for Children

We offer flu vaccination for kids as a simple, low cost option in the private sector, in a calm, child-friendly environment. Our nasal flu vaccine (Fluenz) is:

• Needle-free, sprayed directly into the nose
• Recommended for children and young adults from the age of 2 years - 17 years
• Contains live viruses that have been weakened and cannot cause infection
• Mimics effect of real virus on the immune system, producing powerful protection

We do this at our drop-in Flu Clinic, so you don't need to book or phone in advance.

(For infants aged 6 months to 2 years, standard injected flu vaccine can be used.)

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