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Let us come to you!  The Fleet Street Clinic is a leading provider of workplace flu-vaccination services for companies and organizations of all types and sizes across the entire UK. Our corporate rates are highly competitive: "like for like", we can't be beaten on price or quality of service.

Flu vaccine supplies are fragile, and easily vulnerable to disruption of supply. During the past two years, this has been a particular problem, yet our experience, know-how, and can-do ethos, make it consistently possible for us to maintain an uninterrupted call-out and drop-in service from start to finish, year after year. Our vaccine stocks are guaranteed. Please contact us to discuss your needs, get a quotation or make a booking. There's no reason to wait: book now!

Each year, we offer:

  • A choice of vaccines and vaccine technologies from leading manufacturers.
  • Guaranteed vaccine stocks.
  • A suite of administrative tools to help you organize your vaccination sessions quickly and easily, including an automated booking system for your staff.
  • Free Vaccination Helpline for you and your staff
  • Peace of mind – from knowing you will be using a supplier with a solid reputation for reliability and clinical excellence.
  • A highly experienced nursing team.
  • Full medical back-up and support - from a multidisciplinary team of experienced doctors, nurses and admin staff.
  • A fast, efficient service - we know your staff are busy and we won't waste their time. We understand the internal costs of running a flu vaccination programme, in terms of staff time and administrative effort. We have the experience and technology to reduce these costs to the absolute minimum!. With careful planning and preparation, we can vaccinate up to 30 people per hour, and won't take more staff time than we need.
  • No hidden costs: unlike other providers, we only ask you to pay for the vaccines we actually give on the day.
Flu vaccination is a medical service, not a commodity, so do be careful when comparing providers!
We promise to look after your staff to the highest standard. We also understand the importance of making our service as affordable aspossible: our aim is to offer you the best value - including a price-match offer.

Drop-in Clinic for people who miss your sessions: now also an option for families

An especially attractive feature of our service is our ability to offer a convenient walk-in option in Central London, throughout the winter for any staff who can’t attend mass vaccination sessions: no appointment is necessary, they can just come along!

This year, we will also be offering reduced drop-in rates for family members and children of our corporate clients.


Top-rated by our clients

“Gold star service”

"Excellent! This is our third year using the Fleet Street Clinic - Thank you!"

“Ten out of Ten”

"Very good. Staff were very impressive"

“Thank you very much. Always a pleasure to deal with everyone at Fleet Street Clinic”

“Excellent service, efficient and well managed”

“Brilliant service, everyone extremely happy with service provided, a big thank you!”

“Excellent service, highly recommended”

"Brilliant! Everyone has been so helpful"


Please call us on 020 7353 5678 to book or to receive further information, or click here to request a formal quotation online. Flu Vaccine is cost-effective! Click here to calculate the likely savings for your company.