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For Your Children and Family

A report in the British Journal of General Practice estimates that 7000 lives would be saved each year in the UK, if children over six months and under five years of age were routinely vaccinated against flu. This is now normal practice in many other countries, and may soon be offered on the NHS, but we have been doing it for years. Our service offers flu vaccination for kids as a simple, low cost option in the private sector, in a calm, child-friendly environment.

We do this on a drop-in basis, so you don't need to book or phone in advance. One of the commonest questions people ask is how/why we can do this when pharmacies and other practices do not: all our vaccines are administered by doctors or nurses experienced in vaccinating children - not by pharmacists or other health professionals.

A limited number of home visits may be possible in the London area, for families not able to attend the Clinic in person. Please send us an email with your details.

Children over the age of six months may receive flu vaccine.

 For children under 9 who have not been vaccinated previously, a second dose four weeks later is advised for full protection.

Needle-free vaccines for children

 The preferred flu vaccine for children is the needle-free vaccine FLUENZ. FLUENZ is given as a nasal spray, and first became available in the UK in the 2012/2013 flu season, though it has been used for several years in the USA. It is suitable for children aged from 24 months to their 18th birthday; this is the recommended first choice option for children between these ages, since it has been shown to provide the most effective protection. The cost is £40 per dose. A second dose is needed for children who have never previously been vaccinated against flu. (The 2-dose course costs £75 when the second dose is reserved and prepaid.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This vaccine has limited supply and a limited shelf-life (typically just six weeks). If you child needs two doses of FLUENZ, we recommend:


  • Starting the course early in the flu vaccination season (i.e. before the end of October) to avoid supply problems.
  • Reserving and pre-paying for the second dose at the same time as receiving the first dose. 
  • Coming back within the the agreed date-range for the second dose - otherwise the dose that we have kept for you may no longer be usable, and will be wasted. (The course can still be completed with an injected vaccine, though this would be at additional cost.)